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Cluster Compare

The Cluster Compare functionality allows you to compare a set of local resources (vanilla or generated with Helm/Kustomize) to the resources in your clusters:

  • Easily see which of your local resources are different in the cluster.
  • Deploy your local resources to the cluster.
  • Replace your local resources with the ones from the cluster.
  • Compare the resources from Helm chart and Kustomize previews to the cluster resources.

To use Cluster Compare follow these steps:

  • Browse to a folder containing manifests / kustomizations / Helm charts.
  • Preview the desired kustomization or helm values file.
  • Select the desired cluster context in the Cluster tab to the left.
  • Press the Cluster Compare button at the top of the Resource Navigator:

Cluster Compare

The Cluster Compare modal opens and shows the local resources on the left and the cluster resources on the right.

Tick the Select all check box to deploy all local resources to the cluster or select individual resources via the check box to the left of the resource.

Cluster Compare Selector

Click the Deploy selected local resources (#) to cluster button to complete the deployment.

Check out the below short video to see it in action:

Monokle Cluster Compare