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Creating Resources

Add a Resource

While using Monokle, you can directly add new K8s resources. Once you have browsed and added your project folder, click on the New Resource button at the top of the navigator to launch the Add New Resource dialog.

Add Resource

For adding resources to new or existing files in the navigator, click on the Save button at the top-right corner of the interface.

Resource save

While creating a resource, it is possible to select an existing resource as a template from the drop-down menu.

Resource template

Create a Resource from a Template

Monokle allows the use of templates to start a new project via the Start from a template option:

Start with Template

The Create a Project from a Template dialog appears:

Start with Template

Name your project, select its location and click Next: Select a Template.

Monokle includes a default set of templates which are installed automatically when starting Monokle for the first time and available in the Templates Explorer when working with your Monokle projects:

Default Templates

Check out the Monokle Default Templates Plugin repository to see the complete list of templates that are included along with their corresponding schemas and manifests.

Click the ellipsis to the right of a resource name to see the options available:

Resource Options

Rename a Resource

You can rename resources and update all the references associated with that resource to ensure the integrity of that link.

Rename Resource

Clone a Resource

You can use the Clone action to create a new resource by using existing resources as a template.

Clone Resource

Delete a Resource

You can use the Delete action in the cluster mode to delete the resource from the actual cluster.

Delete Resource