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Welcome to TestKube - your somewhat opinionated and friendly Kubernetes testing framework!

TestKube decouples test artifacts and execution from CI/CD tooling; tests are meant to be part of your clusters state and can be executed as needed:

  • Manually via kubectl cli
  • Externally triggered via API (CI, external tooling, etc)
  • Automatically on deployment of annotated/labeled services/pods/etc (WIP)

Main TestKube components are:

  • kubectl plugin - simple - installed w/o 3rd party repositories (like Krew etc), communicates with
  • API Server - work orchestrator, runs executors, gather execution results
  • CRDs Operator - watch TestKube CR, handles changes communicates with API Server
  • Executors - run tests defined for specific runner, currently available for Postman, Cypress and Curl
  • Results DB - for centralized test results mgmt
  • A simple browser-based Dashboard for monitoring test results

TestKube attempts to:

  • Avoid vendor lock-in for test orchestration and execution in CI/CD pipelines
  • Make it easy to orchestrate and run any kinds of tests - functional, load/performance, security, compliance, etc. - in your clusters, without having to wrap them in docker-images or providing network access
  • Make it possible to decouple test execution from build processes; engineers should be able to run specific tests whenever needed
  • Centralize all test results in a consistent format for "actionable QA analytics"
  • Provide a modular architecture for adding new types of test scripts and executors

Check out our Intro video:

Check out the Installation and Getting Started guides to set up TestKube and run your first tests!

Whether it helps you or not - we'd LOVE to hear from you. Please let us know what you think and of course, how we can make it better.