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Istallation steps

  1. To add a new agent please create a new environment in:


Pass info

  1. Fill in environment name:

Fill in env name

  1. Copy helm install command into the terminal to install new Testkube environment in Agent mode:

Copy helm command

  1. Run the command in your terminal

k | Keep in mind that you'll need Helm installed and kubectl configured with access to your Kubernetes cluster: | - To install helm just follow install instrcutions on Helm web site | - To install kubectl follow Kubernetes docs

Install steps 1

  1. After some time you should see Helm installation notice:

Install steps 2

Validating the installation

Testkube Cloud will notify if the installation status is successful. A green indicator means that you cluster was able to connect to Testkube Cloud.

Validate install

From the other side red indicator means that Testkube Agent can't connect to the Testkube Cloud API.