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The Testkube API Server exposes a /metrics endpoint that can be consumed by Prometheus, Grafana, etc. Currently, the following metrics are exposed:

  • testkube_test_executions_count - The total number of test executions.
  • testkube_testsuite_executions_count - The total number of test suite executions.
  • testkube_test_creations_count - The total number of tests created by type events.
  • testkube_testsuite_creations_count - The total number of test suites created events.
  • testkube_test_updates_count - The total number of tests updated by type events.
  • testkube_testsuite_updates_count - The total number of test suites updated events.
  • testkube_test_aborts_count - The total number of tests aborted by type events.


If a Prometheus operator is not installed, please follow the steps here:

Then, add a ServiceMonitor custom resource to your cluster which will scrape metrics from our Testkube API server:

kind: ServiceMonitor
name: testkube-api-server
app: prometheus
- interval: 10s
port: http
matchLabels: api-server

If you're installing Testkube manually with our Helm chart, you can pass the prometheus.enabled value to the install command.

Grafana Dashboard

To use the Grafana dashboard, import this JSON definition: