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Testkube Test and Test Suite Scheduling

In order to run Tests and Test Suites on a regular basis, we support a scheduling mechanism for these objects. CRDs both for test and test suite contain a schedule field used to define rules for launching them in time. Testkube's schedule data format is the same that is used to define Kubernetes Cron jobs (check Wikipedia Cron format for details

Scheduling Architecture

Testkube uses the scheduling engine from Kubernetes Cron jobs. In fact, for each scheduled Test or Test Suite, a special cron job is created from this template: Technically, it is a callback to Testkube API server method launching either Test or Test Suite execution. This works similarly to scheduled Test and Test Suite executions done by external scheduling platforms.

Create a Test with a Schedule

Let's create a test with a required schedule using Testkube CLI command:

kubectl testkube create test --file test/postman/TODO.postman_collection.json --name scheduled-test --schedule="*/1 * * * *"


Detected test type postman/collection
Test created / scheduled-test 🥇

We successfully created a scheduled test and can check a list of the available tests:

kubectl testkube get tests


  NAME              | TYPE               | CREATED                       | LABELS | SCHEDULE    | STATUS | EXECUTION ID              
scheduled-test | postman/collection | 2022-04-13 12:37:40 +0000 UTC | | */1 * * * * | |

The scheduled test was created and successfully scheduled for execution. Let's check a Cron job connected to this test.

kubectl get cronjobs -A


testkube scheduled-test-tests */1 * * * * False 1 42s 3m22s

The Cron job for this test was successfully created and the test was executed. To the check Cron job details:

kubectl describe cronjob scheduled-test-tests -n testkube


Name:                          scheduled-test-tests
Namespace: testkube
Labels: testkube=tests
Annotations: <none>
Schedule: */1 * * * *
Concurrency Policy: Forbid
Suspend: False
Successful Job History Limit: 3
Failed Job History Limit: 1
Starting Deadline Seconds: <unset>
Selector: <unset>
Parallelism: <unset>
Completions: <unset>
Pod Template:
Labels: <none>
Image: curlimages/curl
Port: <none>
Host Port: <none>
curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{}' "http://testkube-api-server:8088/v1/tests/scheduled-test/executions?callback=true"
Environment: <none>
Mounts: <none>
Volumes: <none>
Last Schedule Time: Wed, 13 Apr 2022 15:50:00 +0300
Active Jobs: scheduled-test-tests-27497570
Type Reason Age From Message
---- ------ ---- ---- -------
Normal SuccessfulCreate 5m41s cronjob-controller Created job scheduled-test-tests-2749757

As mentioned above, we have a scheduled callback for launching our test.

Getting Scheduled Test Results

Now we can check whether the test is executed every minute for the schedule we provided.

kubectl testkube get execution


  ID                       | NAME                | TYPE               | STATUS  | LABELS  
6256c98f418062706814e1fc | scheduled-test | postman/collection | passed |
6256c953418062706814e1fa | scheduled-test | postman/collection | passed |
6256c91e418062706814e1f8 | scheduled-test | postman/collection | passed |
6256c8db418062706814e1f6 | scheduled-test | postman/collection | passed |
6256c89f418062706814e1f4 | scheduled-test | postman/collection | passed |
6256c885418062706814e1f2 | scheduled-test | postman/collection | passed |
6256c87e418062706814e1f0 | scheduled-test | postman/collection | passed |

The test is successfully regularly executed.

Create a Test Suite with a Schedule

Let's create a Test Suite with a required schedule using the Testkube CLI command:

cat test/suites/testsuite.json | kubectl testkube create testsuite --name scheduled-testsuite --schedule="*/1 * * * *"


TestSuite created scheduled-testsuite 🥇

We successfully created a scheduled Test Suite and can view a list of the available Test Suites:

kubectl testkube get testsuites


  NAME                | DESCRIPTION            | STEPS | LABELS | SCHEDULE    | STATUS | EXECUTION ID  
scheduled-testsuite | Run test several times | 2 | | */1 * * * * | |

The scheduled test suite was created and successfully scheduled for execution. We will skip the Cron job details, they are fully similar to test one described above.

Getting Scheduled Test Suite Results

The Test Suite is executed every minute for the schedule we provided.

kubectl testkube get tse


  ID                       | TEST SUITE NAME     | EXECUTION NAME                             | STATUS | STEPS | LABELS  
6256ce3f418062706814e210 | scheduled-testsuite | scheduled-testsuite.abnormally-in-lark | passed | 2 |
6256ce04418062706814e20c | scheduled-testsuite | scheduled-testsuite.kindly-evolved-primate | passed | 2 |
6256cdcc418062706814e208 | scheduled-testsuite | scheduled-testsuite.formerly-champion-dodo | passed | 2 |

The Test Suite is successfully executed according to the schedule set.