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Welcome to Kusk

Developers deploying their REST APIs in Kubernetes shouldn't have to worry about managing resources that do not directly relate to their applications or services.

Kusk (coachman in Swedish) treats your OpenAPI/Swagger definition as a source of truth for generating supplementary Kubernetes resources for your REST APIs in regard to mappings, security, traffic-control, monitoring, etc.

  • The Kusk wizard can inspect your cluster for the tools it supports and generate corresponding resources automatically.
  • the Kusk OpenAPI extension allows you to specify QoS and k8s related metadata which will be used to configure your cluster accordingly.
  • Kusk plays nicely with both manual and automated/GitOps/CD workflows (see examples below).
  • The underlying architecture makes it straight-forward to add new generators (see Development)


kusk-gen Wizard

kusk-gen comes with a kusk-gen wizard interactive CLI to help you get started! wizard-gif