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For Developers

Checkout our Github actions for how we build and test the code here

Clone this repository and navigate inside the project folder and install the dependencies by running:

go get -d ./...

You can also just compile the project (and its dependencies) by running:

go build

or run the project directly:

go run main.go

To run the tests:

go test ./...

Adding a custom generator

To add a generator for a tool not yet supported by Kusk one would need to implement generators.Interface and register it's implementation by adding an element to generators.Registry. The CLI command would be constructed automatically and the parsed OpenAPI spec would be passed into the generator, along with path/method options extracted from x-kusk extension. The CLI options provided by the generator must conform to the same naming scheme as JSON/YAML tags on options passed from x-kusk extension for automatic merge to work.

Check out generators folder and Options for the examples.

If you want to contribute

  • Check out our Contributor Guide and Code of Conduct
  • Fork/Clone the repo and make sure you can run it as shown above
  • Check out open issues here on GitHub
  • Get in touch with the team by starting a discussion on what you want to help with or open an issue of your own that you would like to contribute to the project.
  • Fly like the wind!